About Us

About Us

Many Hickory area Twelve-Step groups have helped create, fund, and maintain this website since it was begun in 2004. Among them are: Sunday ACA, Monday & Thursday CoDA, Tuesday All-Addictions, and Tuesday’s Al-Anon. In addition, several people from AA, NA, and OA were on the committee to put together the basic pages of the website.

Today, we are grateful for the help Eric S. for the hours he spent creating the basic format and hosting the website at no cost to us, and to his father David S. for serving as our Webmaster. This current website is the 4th update.

We are also grateful to several individuals who have created some of the resources contained in this website including Pat Morgan, Liza Shaw, and Metaleen Thomas, and to David M. for the use of his photographs.

In addition, we are indebted to the people (past and future) who have shared their recovery stories, in written format, so that we can post them on the website.

The recovery community is a large and strong group of “twelve-steppers” most living in a 100-mile radius of Hickory, NC. There are around 700 names in our email database, and hundreds of people who put on the recovery seminars, camping trips, media meetings, retreats, and gatherings of all kinds, not to speak of regular 12-Step meetings. We take the 12th Step seriously, not only as individuals but as groups as well. It was several of these Twelve-Step groups that originally decided to create a recovery website – a single site for learning about recovery in the area, regardless of the specific Anonymous group one attends on a regular basis. We also believe that no matter which “recovery door” one enters, the solution is the same: the Twelve Steps. In this spirit, it was and is a big diverse group of 12-steppers who contribute and support this website.

We hope this site is helpful to your recovery.